Felted Wool Slipers UK6

Felted wool slippers are made using only natural products –wool, hot water and organic soap. They are soft and so easy that even imperceptible, it will fit like your second skin. Felted slippers are warm, fully natural, pleasant and healthy to feet. This dry warmness is recommended when a person catches a cold. It smoothes down such pains as rheumatic, muscle and other. Dry wool warmness relaxes. Slippers will give effect of massage- which provides good blood circulation. Wool fibres intertwine with each other during the process of felting creating small gaps of air among them. Those gaps of air serve as thermal insulation and keep constant temperature inside the felt protecting feet from cold as well as from heat. The air gaps shrink when it is cold and expand when it is hot, which makes felt an excellent ventilator.

Shipping Destinations: UK