Natural Botanical print in card frame (fern and beech)

Frame - 24cm x 20.5 cm
Prints - 14cm x 9cm (each)
Botanical Eco printing is the process of naturally transferring the colours and the images of plants and flowers onto paper or fabric through prolonged contact by steaming or boiling.
Each day I walk my dog through the beautiful forests or by the canal and river in Resolven, South Wales and I collect many different leaves along my way: ferns, beech, oak, black berry leaves, cow parsley and many more. I also use leaves from my own garden; fuchsia, wisteria, roses, smoke tree to name but a few.
I use many different types of paper to create prints, colours and backgrounds by boiling or steaming the leaves and papers tightly together. Papers I use are printer paper, cartridge drawing paper, Khadi paper, watercolour paper, printing paper, envelopes, card, luggage tags, Chinese paper and whatever I have to hand to get a beautiful effect, nothing is ever wasted in my house.

Shipping Destinations: UK
Additional Instructions: Each one is unique.