Botanical printed and rust dyed Silk scarf 130 cm x 35cm (Onion)

Botanical Eco printing is the process of transferring the colours and the images of plants and flowers onto paper or fabric through prolonged contact by steaming or boiling.
Each day I walk my dog through the beautiful forests or by the canal and river in Resolven, South Wales and I collect many different leaves along my way and I also have one eye on the beauty around me and one eye on the floor as I look for the post-industrial steel objects, discarded as the valleys industries left the countryside. I also search out the general everyday metal waste left in the streets and roads.

The unique colours from the rusted objects are enhanced with teas from around the world which I have tasted on my travels whilst living in Asia.

Mix the Botanical printing and the rust dying together and you have a unique blend of colours and designs to create a oneoff unique beautiful silk scarf.

Additional Instructions: This is a unique one off scarf........Hand wash with very cool water to keep the decoration in top condition
Shipping Destinations: UK