Personalise your 'Temima Crafts' Box or Castle (#2)


Whether you are buying a box or castle for yourself, or as a gift, it can make it special to have it inscribed with a name or a message. It makes a unique product even more unique -if you know what I mean.

If you would like a short personalised inscription pyrographed onto the base of your Box or Castle (see examples in the above photos) you need to supply the text in the "Optional Message to Seller" Box at the checkoutlj

Please note - it is vital that you include the number (#) of the box or castle you are buying with details of the text you would like inscribed.

If you are buying more than one box or castle you need to complete a separate Personalisation listing for each one.

Additional Instructions: Additional Instructions: Provide number (#) of box or castle with your text to be inscribed in the "Optional Message to Seller box at Checkout. Shipping Destinations: Not applicable
Shipping Destinations: No shipping involved.