'Vanishing Castle' #13 by Temima Crafts


This is one of a number of 'Vanishing Castles' on sale at the 3d2d Online market. They are made from selected pieces of beautiful ELM, cut on a band saw in such a way that they can pop up and also disappear.

Some people find this instantaneous transformation from a lumpy block of wood into a fantastical castle strangely mesmerising and magical . Other people can't see the point of them and ask, "So? What are they for?"

The 'Vanishing Castles ' are not FOR anything, except to provide a lot of fun, for children of all ages, based on the magic of transformation.

Since the surface features of the wood dictate how they are cut, no two can ever be the same. They are truly unique. As far as Ray knows there is nobody else in the UK making vanishing or pop up castles. The price range, by the way, reflects the size and quality of the elm and the complexity of the cuts.

The 'Vanishing Castles' can be inscribed with a message of your choice. If you'd like your 'Vanishing Castle' inscribed, please indicate via this listing here in addition to this one.

Lastly, the 'Vanishing Castles', come with instructions (there's a definite knack to using them) AND a story about a Miserable King who decides that the castle, and all its inhabitants, should disappear into the mountain on which it is built.

Why, you may ask, would he want to do that? Watch this very silly video to find out.

Shipping Destinations: UK, but will ship elsewhere with additional charges.