Black Italian leather belt; 1.25" wide; antique silver buckle

This beautiful leather belt is made from black distressed Italian leather. The distressed finish results in a belt that is lovely and supple. The buckle is nickel-plated and has an antique silver finish.

The edges of the belt have been burnished to give a lovely smooth finish. All stitching is done by hand, using traditional saddle stitch methods. This gives the belt durability and strength.

Please specify belt size when ordering.

How to work out the correct size: The best way is to take the measurement from an existing belt that fits well. Measure from the most well used hole to the point where the leather folds over the buckle. Or measure around your middle (waist or hips, depending on how you wear your trousers). It is important to do this whilst wearing the trousers, and running the tape measure through the belt loops. I will make the middle hole of the belt to your measurement, with 2 holes either side (5 in total).

Additional Instructions: Please specify belt size when ordering. See description above for how to work out the correct size.
Shipping Destinations: UK only