'Cube' Style Box in Spalted Beech #12


A 'Cube' Style 'Bloomin' Clever Box' - one of twenty for sale at this Online Market Place.

This 100mm x 100mm x 100mm box, is made from a block of beautiful spalted Beech. This is a type of box which appeals right across the age range; old, young, male and female. You might even say it ticks all the boxes

Remove the corner key, slide the lid off, remove the inner lid and then lift out the internal body, which consists of a tray, with a 'lifter', and a small 'secret' drawer. The inner tray and drawer are designed to be used separately, because the inner lid can rest on shoulders built into the main box. The box is lined with professional jewellery box flocking and finished in a hard wax oil and wax polish.

If you would like your lovely box personalised with a pyrographed inscription please use this link.


And in answer to the question, "How long do they take to make?"
"Just a minute, actually!"


Shipping Destinations: UK but elsewhere for extra carriage.