Unique botanical framed print with rust dyed silk brooch. (Rowan)

Height: 12.5 Centimetres; Width: 12.5 Centimetres
Brooch: 3.5Centimetres
Wearable Art - Adore your picture and Adorn your brooch.
This piece of art allows you to Adore a hand made rust dyed, silk brooch with vintage buttons and beads upon an original botanical print made directly from the plant.
When you chose to wear your brooch you will still have a beautiful totally unique print left upon your wall to Adore.
Then when you have finished wearing your brooch, hang it back on the print for safe keeping and to once again create a piece of unique art work.

Additional Instructions: This piece is a one off unique piece of art/textiles/jewellery
Shipping Destinations: UK