The Country Gardens - large candle

'The Country Gardens' is a beautiful blend of tobacco blossom and black tea, with a whole delight of underlying florals and spices. It was designed remembering the feeling of content after a long stroll or at the end of a packed week, curled up on the sofa with a cuppa and smelling the beautiful flowers being brought in through the open window by the shallow countryside breeze. We guarantee you will not have smelled anything quite like really is pretty special! We would describe this as a bang up to date modern, floral fragrance all wrapped up in our own blend of coconut, rapeseed & soy wax which gives a lovely long, clean burn. Paper and cotton wick. Burn time - up to 45 hrs.

Additional Instructions: Make sure you burn your natural wax candle, especially the first time, so the wax has melted right to the edge of the jar. Remember to trim the wick before relighting to get the most out of your candle.
Shipping Destinations: UK only