Connie Rose Designs

Connie Rose Designs is a selection of handmade statement jewellery. The collection can be split into the Infinity Range and the Classic Range. The Infinity Range features discs of original art work by Lost Planet Art which is transformed from paper into a badge and then incorporated into the jewellery. Each disc is of course unique, therefore the final product is also a one off creation. For those who can appreciate wearable art, or those who simply want something a little bit different that is sure to be a conversation starter, this is the collection for you. Bold colours that can be the perfect accessory to a plain outfit and the option of customisation where commissioned pieces can be created, giving you the perfect colour match for your outfit for that special occasion.
The Classic Range is the ideal gift with each piece being fully adjustable. Made from rhodium plated copper wire and semi-precious stones, this metal will not make the skin turn green and it wont tarnish, nor need cleaning. The asymmetry of the designs allow the wearer to manipulate each piece so it sits comfortably on the skin. Items can be made to match to provide the full set and this really is a popular choice for those seeking an elegant and stylish piece of jewellery that will still catch your eye.
I hope you enjoy wearing your jewellery as much as I enjoyed making it.

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